Living with a terrible cat has given new meaning to "clothes chair" for my newest piece of office furniture.

Marvel is daring enough to ask the hard questions, like "What if Freakazoid sucked and you hated him?"

The Overton Window, faced with a global crisis: I'm gonna just shift a little bit left if that's cool.


While I'm not sure how Suzuki selling these in America will stop the coronavirus, I think we should at least try!

There is one suspiciously bulging snake loudly hissing about how "no one knows where the mice went and we'll probably never figure it out so let's focus on something else!"

Yes, he has a trash chair but can we discuss why he has felt the need to barricade a door with his couch and hang what looks like a dreamcatcher in front of it?


They're going to start selling drugs when no one is watching?

Soccer is being horny on main and I am calling the police!

The furby will learn the word "divorce" and testify against one of us.

Why does Crime Man never do anything to help the community?

If you don't think "One Big Doctor" ISN'T a serious suggestion then I got one big thing to say to you, buster!

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