Yeah, because he just looks like a lion now. This is just the depressing part of a documentary, but without the comforting voice of Sir David Attenborough to get us through and help us see the ultimate beauty of nature through the individual moments of horror and savagery.

Look, I know I'm not a good enough Jew to get angry at this but... the fuck?

Here is why this is dumb as hell:

The first person to be reviewed is going to do wagyu tartare and get comments like "The mouthfeel is a bit underwhelming..."

The last guy is going to do Crunchberries and get comments like "I fuckin' love Crunchberries, man."

The FBI agent must have just sat there dumbfounded.

"Let me be clear, as I mentioned in our previous communication that crossed state lines, that I am extorting you. Also, just to put it out there: R. Kelly innocent."

Radio show. A "proto-podcast" is called a radio show you internet addled dumbfuck.

If we made GamePro's rating system standard we could have have saved ourselves from a lot of bad videogame think pieces:

Podcasting and writing for shitty websites is not a culture.

Podcasting and writing for shitty websites also does not mean you can just pack up and do a skilled trade elsewhere.

Part of my broken ass brain is still screaming that dogs ain't poultry...

The slow quiet societal euthanasia of everyone becoming a great big dingus...

The cops who went into this house, saw a tiger with a grotesquely distended belly, and thought, "Oh this house is clearly abandoned and this tiger is a poor and innocent round man," are never making detective.

Me: Remaking Disney cartoons as live action movies removes the visual appeal of hand drawn animation leaving a soulless husk of a movie.

You: You are a hyperbolic fool. God's own buffoon. The truest idiot. The move from traditional animation to CGI is lateral at worst.


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