Y'all can control the weather and this is how you tell us?

I have never, and will never, result in anything being "Turned On" and I ask that you respect this, invasive Google service.

Of all the questionable and outright illegal stuff Trump did, they zero in on the one thing that could tie Biden to Deflategate...

Valve is now handing lifetime bans to the bottom 1% of behaviour scores in DotA 2 and it. Is. Glorious.

Hot take: Instead of making more SNES controllers, they should make a Sega Six Button that works with the switch.

You may not like it, but this is what peak controller looks like:

For the low price of $624 (plus shipping and handling) you can make typing suck!

Ah, the famous La Brea Memorial Pool For Prehistoric Fuckups:

Yeah, because he just looks like a lion now. This is just the depressing part of a documentary, but without the comforting voice of Sir David Attenborough to get us through and help us see the ultimate beauty of nature through the individual moments of horror and savagery.

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