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My only goal in life is to make something so profoundly stupid a mob of learned citizens try to kill me.

(Note: I'm horrifically strong and no nerd can cancel me so I will just flee into the night, most likely laughing.)

An auto correct mishap causes you to Google "Nearest Taco Orb", setting off multiple alarms at the Pentagon and Vatican.

They should, yes. But telling people they are compassioning wrong is counterproductive.

You can feel bad about different things to different degrees.

If you struggle with allowing people to have their sadness over the Notre Dame then you don't get to complain when they minimize the loss of one of your cultural touchstones.

You are not the arbitrator of cultural worth, you're just another dipshit down here with the rest of us.

So with the PS5 info coming out, anyone else notice that AMD effectively confirmed ray tracing for the Navi architecture?

That's both big and a change from their previous messaging about it...

Replacing my organs with baboon organs to become stronger, and my blood for horse blood to become evil and insane.

Game of Thrones is just Harry Potter for people who say "fuck".

Owning an old house is cool because something simple, like reinstalling a toilet, becomes a multi-hour nightmare because some dweeb in the 50s decided to knockoff for lunch early rather than do the job right.

My wife yelled at me for getting too excited at the concept of a "taco laser" this morning.

When bae catches you selling snake oil to the reptilians who replaced your normal Starbuck's staff.

When bae catches you building a pterodactyl out of hot-dog bits and chicken bones.

When bae catches skywriting powerful spells over old man Conner's farm.

When bae catches you downloading new eyes from a genetic BitTorrent site.

When bae catches you removing your ribs to use as bonerangs.

When bae catches you giving the dog a cursed ruby to bury.

The one where Chandler slowly devolves into a shambling ape like creature. "Can I BE any OOOK OOOOHK OOOOOOOOOOO" it bellows as it swings away into the night.

The one where they de-bone Ross. They find the boneless Ross mass to be even worse than the original form as it slithers under there doors and crawls behind their radiators.

I use many powerful swords but their scales are just so strong.

The one where Monica steals a taxi and drives it into the sewers to become a sewer racer.

Rachel loses a shoe, and all hope.

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