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Alexander the Great did the first kink-shaming at Gordium.

i personally think the future should be like dune in that the vast majority of humanity toil in neo-feudalism but some people get to ride giant worms

For the low price of $624 (plus shipping and handling) you can make typing suck!

Working in IT is weird since most of us hate computers. This doesn't happen in most fields.

There's no one at CERN who's all like "Man, fuck particles."

Yogurt comes from cows.

Gogurt comes from busy cows with active lifestyle.

Nogurt comes from ANTI-COWS.

The 90s were really the last chance we had for a movie where Tony Hawk has to grind down Godzilla's back to save the day.

The moment has passed.

This machine is indifferent to the hand that wields it.

Apple is going to add another camera to the iPhone every year until, whoops, it's an actual spider.

With Bolton leaving we just know that The Eggman's time is also running out.

The outlook for the Coocoo Kachoo isn't too hot either...

Girl, you know I'm always DTF (Down To Frame (the mayor)).

"I'm so glad it's almost spooky season," says the skeleton wrapped in meat and blood.

I'm sorry but Monopoly should be between one tiny race car piece and one crappy plastic X-Wing, as The Lord intended.

New D&D5e cantrips:

- Wiggle
- Mage Foot
- Misidentify
- Terrifying Honk
- Cheese

It was the style, at the time, to grow a beard to a length where you could grip it with your toes. And we walked about, hunched over, our toes tugging at our chin and jowls, if we hadn't yet reached a length that would allow us to walk upright, unwilling to postpone the pleasure.

On Friday our psychometrician left, and said I was one of the more talented coders she has worked with.

I didn't have the heart to tell her that was neither my job description nor pay grade.

Today I realised that if no one here knows what I do I might as well do it in Python...

I'm a lone wolf, baby!

I'm hairy, and hate the moon, and run from the sound of vacuum cleaners.

“Hope I never have to reap this!” -me sowing some absolute bullshit

*exfoliating my skin with some 800 grit* ah,,, refreshing,,,

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